Herbert H. Jasper Award

The Herbert H. Jasper Award is presented annually to an individual for a lifetime of outstanding contributions to the field of clinical neurophysiology including research, teaching and mentoring. It is analogous to a lifetime achievement award. Past recipients of the Herbert H. Jasper Award are:

1986 Herbert H. Jasper, MD
1987 Cosimo Ajmone-Marsan, MD
1988 Pierre Gloor, MD, PhD
1989 Dominick Purpura, MD
1990 Donald W. Klass, MD
1991 Peter Kellaway, PhD
1992 Reginald G. Bickford, MD
1993 Eli S. Goldensohn, MD
1994 Donald B. Lindsley, PhD
1995 Robert Naquet, MD
1996 Gian-Emilio Chatrian, MD
1997 Cesare Lombroso, MD
1998 Robert J. Ellingson, MD, PhD
1999 Fernando Lopes DaSilva, MD, PhD
2000 Ernst Niedermeyer, MD
2001 Juhn A. Wada, MD
2002 Roger Q. Cracco, MD
2003 No Recipient
2004 Frank W. Sharbrough, MD
2005 Barbara F. Westmoreland, MD
2006 Gastone G. Celesia, MD
2008 Barry R. Tharp, MD
2009 Omkar N. Markand, MD
2010 Jasper R. Daube, MD
2011 C. William Erwin, MD
2012 Warren T. Blume, MD, FRCPC
2013 Richard P. Brenner, MD
2014 Ernst Rodin, MD
2015 John Ebersole, MD
2016 Donald L. Schomer, MD, FACNS
2017 Hans Lüders, MD, PhD, FACNS
2018 Mark Hallett, MD, FACNS
2019 Jean Gotman, PhD, FACNS
2020 Ronald P. Lesser, MD, FACNS
2021 Elaine M. Wyllie, MD, FACNS

Pierre Gloor Award

The Pierre Gloor Award is presented annually for an individual’s outstanding contributions to central clinical neurophysiology research. Past recipients of the Pierre Gloor Award are:

1997 Gyorgy Buzsaki, MD
1998 Professeur M. Steriade
1999 Jerome Engel, MD, PhD
2000 Jean Gotman, PhD
2001 Gregory L. Holmes, MD
2002 Timothy A. Pedley, MD
2003 Hans O. Lüders, MD, PhD
2004 Mark Hallett, MD
2005 Solomon L. Moshé, MD
2006 Claude G. Wasterlain, MD
2007/2008 Professor Francois Mauguiere
2009 John S. Ebersole, MD
2010 Robert S. Fisher, MD, PhD
2011 Paul Nunez, PhD
2012 Donald L. Schomer, MD
2013 Rodolfo Llinas, MD, PhD
2014 Ronald Emerson, MD
2015 Hiroshi Shibasaki, MD, PhD
2016 John Rothwell, PhD
2017 Charles M. Epstein, MD, FACNS
2018 Marc R. Nuwer, MD, PhD, FACNS
2019 Peter Kaplan, MD, FRCP, FACNS
2020 Richard C. Burgess, MD, PhD, FACNS
2021 Keith Chiappa, MD

Robert S. Schwab Award

The Robert S. Schwab Award is presented annually for an individual’s outstanding contributions to peripheral clinical neurophysiology research. Past recipients of the Robert S. Schwab Award are:

1997 Michael Merzenich, MD
1998 Nicolas Bazan, MD
1999 Kenneth Fischbeck, MD
2000 Christopher Goetz, MD
2001 Mark Hallett, MD
2002 Jeffrey L. Noebels, MD, PhD
2004 Phillip Low, MD
2005 Jun Kimura, MD
2006 Marc Nuwer, MD
2007 Austin J. Sumner, MD
2008 Erik V. Stalberg, MD, PhD
2009 Salvatore DiMauro, MD
2010 William A. Catterall, MD
2011 Andrew Eisen MD, FRCPC
2012 William R. Kennedy, MS, MD
2013 Charles Bolton, MD
2014 David Burke, AO
2015 Mamede de Carvalho, MD
2016 Morris Fischer, MD, FACNS
2017 Reinhard Dengler, MD
2018 Donald Sanders, MD
2019 Michael Aminoff, MD
2020 Francis O. Walker, MD, FACNS
2021 John Kincaid, MD

Marc R. Nuwer Service Award

The Marc R. Nuwer Service Award recognizes outstanding service by an ACNS member or (affiliated) professional in the field of clinical neurophysiology, including non-scientific contributions, emphasizing accomplishments and contributions that benefit the ACNS and its members. Contributions may include but are not limited to organization, advocacy, education, and committee work, among others.

2020 Marc R. Nuwer, MD, PhD, FACNS
2021 Susan T. Herman, MD, FACNS


Last updated: February 12, 2021

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