2015 Annual Meeting and Courses, February 3-9, 2015, Houston, Texas


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The ACNS Annual Meeting & Courses are designed to provide a solid review of the fundamentals and the latest scientific advances in both “central” and “peripheral” clinical neurophysiology. Presentations at the Annual Meeting & Courses are given by leading experts in the field and have value for health care professionals who utilize clinical neurophysiology. Sessions include symposia, workshops, courses and Special Interest Groups, featuring didactic lectures, expert panels, debates and interactive formats. Poster presentations at the Annual Meeting highlight the latest work conducted at clinical neurophysiology centers around the country.

The meeting also features a number of opportunities for networking, including a Professional Development Mentorship Program in which residents and fellow applicants are paired with senior ACNS members and provided dedicated time in the program to interact. The Annual Neurophys Bowl is a mainstay of the Annual Meeting program, allowing members and delegates a chance to challenge their knowledge of clinical neurophysiology in a competitive format.

2014-15 Program Committee

William O. Tatum, DO
Jamie R. Lopez, MD

Nicholas S. Abend, MD
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Imran I. Ali, MD
Salah A. Almubarak, MD, FRCPC
Anto Bagic, MD, PhD
Meriem Bensalem-Owen, MD
Bernard Allan Cohen, PhD
Placido Coyac Cuautle, MD
Rafael de Castro, MD
Frank W. Drislane, MD
Jonathan C. Edwards, MD
Ronald Emerson, MD
William B. Gallentine, DO
Gloria Galloway, MD
Cecil D. Hahn, MD, MPH
Mark Hallett, MD
Danny Hilkman, MD
Lawrence J. Hirsch, MD
Aatif M. Husain, MD
Akio Ikeda, MD, PhD
Mohammad MU Kabiraj, Sr., MBBS, PhD
Ekrem Kutluay, MD
Suzette M. LaRoche, MD
Jong Woo Lee, MD, PhD
Alan D. Legatt, MD, PhD
Daniela N. Minecan, MD
Suraj Muley, MD
Heidi Munger Clary, MD, MPH
Christos Papadelis, PhD
Eva K. Ritzl, MD
Mark Ross, MD
Devon Rubin, MD
Raj D. Sheth, MD
Saurabh R. Sinha, MD, PhD
John Stern, MD
Amit Verma, MBBS
Francis O. Walker, MD
Mogens Worm, MD
Greg Worrell, MD
Courtney J. Wusthoff, MD

Tobias Loddenkemper, MD
Stephan U. Schuele, MD, MPH

2014-15 Course Committee

Tobias Loddenkemper, MD
Nicholas S. Abend, MD
Cecil D. Hahn, MD, MPH
Lawrence J. Hirsch, MD
Marc R. Nuwer, MD, PhD
Juan Ochoa, MD
Saurabh R. Sinha, MD, PhD
Jaime Lopez, MD Stephan U. Schuele, MD, MPH William O. Tatum, DO


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