2017 Annual Meeting and Courses, February 8-12, 2017, 2016 Phoenix, Arizona

Speaker Compensation Policy

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  • Honorarium will be based on a flat rate of $450 per hour. This amount will be divided among speakers according to length of presentation.
  • The Course Committee Co-Chairs must review and may approve each course’s speakers within the overall honoraria budget.
  • The ACNS Executive Committee must approve all honoraria requests outside the established budget.

    Example: A session lasting a total of two hours with three presentations, one lasting one hour and two lasting 30 minutes each would receive the following:

$900 total honorarium for the session
Speaker 1 (one hour presentation): $450
Speaker 2 (30 minute presentation): $225
Speaker 3 (30 minute presentation): $225

Special Interest Groups, case presentations, and brief presentations (less than 15 minutes in length) will not be eligible for honoraria. Panel discussants will not receive additional reimbursement beyond the honoraria they receive for symposia presentations.

Travel & Housing

Travel and housing expenses will not be reimbursed and will be at the responsibility of the speaker. Exceptions must be approved by Course, Program and Executive Committees.


Annual Course speakers will receive complimentary registration, which includes the option to claim CME credit, for the course in which they are presenting. Speakers must register and pay for any additional courses and the Annual Meeting if they choose to attend.

Annual Meeting speakers will receive complimentary registration to the session in which they are speaking, which includes the option to claim CME credit only for that session. Speakers must register and pay for any of the Annual Courses and the entire Annual Meeting fee or daily Annual Meeting fee if they would like to attend additional sessions.