2018 Fall Courses - Cambridge, Massachusetts


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Date Deadline Great! So, what should I do?
May 31 Course Director invitation response deadline; Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure due  
June 14 Draft course agendas (including speaker names, presentation titles and scheduling) due to Course and CME Committee Chairs for review, approval Email draft agenda to etrimmer@acns.org

NOTE: Do not send invitations to speakers. ACNS staff will do so, upon approval of your agenda by Course & CME Committees
June 21 Revised course agendas due, per feedback from Course & CME Committee, where applicable Email revised agenda to etrimmer@acns.org
June 28 ACNS staff to send official speaker invitations via email  
July 10 Speaker acceptance, COI disclosure due  
July 15 Preliminary Program promotions by ACNS staff  
July 20 Revised agendas due, replacing speakers who have not accepted or completed COI disclosure Email revised agenda to etrimmer@acns.org
August 31 Presentation abstracts due from speakers reporting COI Upload abstract to session management site
September 11 Presentation slides due from ALL speakers – for both CME Committee review when COI is reported, AND for inclusion in online course syllabus Upload slides to session management site
September 18 Housing Request due Enter the Housing Request Information HERE
September 25 Speakers to revise slides, per CME Committee feedback, where applicable Click HERE to delete previous slide file and upload revised slide file to speaker management site.
September 29 Course syllabus site goes live to attendees Be sure your slides – the version you want distributed as part of the course materials - are uploaded to the speaker management site
October 20-21 Fall Courses – Hyatt Regency Cambridge;  Cambridge, Massachusetts See “Onsite Logistics” section of Course Director Handbook below
October 31 Deadline to claim honoraria and travel reimbursement Complete and return the W-9 form and expense voucher (including original receipts) to etrimmer@acns.org