2019 Fall Courses

2019 Fall Courses

Key Dates

Housing Opens June 3, 2019
Advance Registration Opens June 3, 2019
Advance Registration Deadline September 3, 2019
Housing Deadline September 3, 2019
Registration Cancellation Deadline September 9, 2019
2019 Fall Courses September 21-22, 2019

Preliminary Program and Registration information coming soon!

The 2019 Fall Courses are designed around three of the new and rapidly-evolving areas of clinical neurophysiology:

  • Neurological Intraoperative Monitoring (NIOM)
  • Intensive Care Unit EEG Monitoring (ICU EEG) and
  • Stereo-Electroencephalography.

Educational activities will cover both basic methodologies for those practitioners new to NIOM and ICU EEG, and innovative techniques. The SEEG course will include key lectures on concepts and surgical aspects of SEEG recordings and a case based workshop discussing indication, implantation, interpretation and surgical resection planning in various pediatric and adult epilepsy syndromes.