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ACNS Course Speaker Guidelines

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a Course speaker at the ACNS teaching courses. The quality of speakers and their presentation has allowed these courses to flourish and grow over the past years. Below are some recommendations meant to maintain the high standards that have been established.

  1. Course agenda: Course directors have been asked to outline a time-based agenda for their courses. Speakers should plan their presentations to adhere to the agenda both with respect to time and topics covered.
  2. Speaker honoraria are outlined in the existent honorarium guidelines pre-determined by the ACNS Council. 
  3. Deadlines: Please adhere and refer to the Course timeline to make sure that ACCME guidelines are met. The deadlines are essential to provide adequate time for the course directors and the CME committee to review the slides of all speakers prior to their course. Also, attendees really want a copy of the slides; missing slide decks/presentations always results in negative feedback from attendees.
  4. Slides: Please insure that slides are of high quality and with layout/content that will be easily visible when projected in a large conference room. This is especially true for slides with traces – please make sure montage labels are clearly visible as well as limiting the number of traces on the screen. As this is a CME program, please include a Disclosure slide mentioning any relevant, potential conflicts of interests related to your topic. Please also include a statement regarding whether or not you will be discussing off-label uses of drugs or devices.
  5. Copyrighted material: It is the speaker’s responsibility to obtain releases for any copyrighted material in their presentations. If there is material in the presentation that you do not wish to be released electronically, please place a dummy slide in its place in the presentation you submit.
  6. Slide Review: Course directors will serve as slide editors for their courses and to review the slides of all speakers prior to the course.  This will prevent topic overlap and allow for time for speakers to remove redundancy between talks given by different speakers when applicable.
  7. Course moderation: Course directors will serve as moderators for their courses. If you have made changes to the presentation that was submitted, please be sure to provide the course directors with a copy of the newest version at least one day prior to your talk. All presentations will be uploaded to a common laptop for each course. To facilitate a smooth progression and avoid unnecessary delays, please use the common laptop rather than your personal laptop. All rooms will be equipped with a system for projection of slides and audio. If you have any special audiovisual requirements, please let the course directors know well in advance (when submitting slides).
  8. Audience interaction: Course directors will introduce speakers and facilitate questions. Please leave adequate time at the end of your presentation to answer questions. Be sure to repeat/rephrase all questions so that the broader audience can hear.
  9. Timeliness: Course directors are asked to start on time, and to keep their respective speakers and sessions punctual. Usually there are subsequent sessions scheduled within a relatively short time interval.

Thanks again for raising the bar for the ACNS courses, and for volunteering your time and expertise to improve the ACNS teaching courses.

Last updated: July 17, 2020