First Annual Ernst Rodin Distinguished Fellowship Awarded

In early 2017, ACNS and the American Clinical MEG Society (ACMEGS) jointly established the Ernst Rodin Distinguished Fellowship,
to further Dr. Rodin’s mission and to insure that his remarkable contributions to the field of clinical neurophysiology will not be forgotten. Dr. Rodin, MD was President of ACNS in 1975 and 2014 recipi-ent of the Society’s Jasper Lifetime Achievement Award. He passed away in 2017 at the age 91 after a long and illustrious career in clinical neurophysiology and epilepsy.

ACNS and ACMEGS are pleased to announce that the first annual Ernst Rodin Distinguished Fellowship has been awarded to Saptharishi
Lalgudi-Ganesan, MD, a Neurocritical Care Specialty Fellow at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada.

The fellowship is structured as a scientific observership, followed by a travel grant to attend the ACNS/ACMEGS Annual Meetings. Dr. Lalgudi-Ganesan plans to visit Dr. Jan Claassen at the Neurological Institute of New York and to pursue a retrospective research project using EEG findings and QEEG trends to identify brain injuries in the high-risk critically ill population.