Critical Care EEG Monitoring Research Consortium (CCEMRC)
Self-Assessment Examination
on the
American Clinical Neurophysiology Society’s 2021 Critical Care EEG Terminology

This assessment has been designed to test the knowledge of a candidate in the field of critical care EEG. All terminology used in this assessment is in accordance with the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society's (ACNS) standardized critical care EEG terminology: 2021 version.

The assessment consists of two sections.

Approximate completion time: 60-120 minutes.

You will receive your score immediately upon completion. A score >= 80% reflects an adequate level of knowledge for participating in critical care EEG for research.  This is not an official endorsement or certification by ACNS or any other entity.

If you score <80%, you may retake the test after a one-month delay. The responses for each question will remain confidential. Any group analysis on this test for quality assurance or research purposes will be conducted only on de-identified responses.

If you score >= 80%, you will receive an electronic certificate of completion of the CCEMRC’s self-assessment examination on Critical Care EEG Terminology, with a date of completion.

At the start of the assessment, you will need to attest that:

  1. You will perform the test by yourself and not as a group effort, in conditions that best replicate an examination environment
  2. You will not take any photographs, screen captures, or any other permanent record of questions or any portion of this exam

Referring to the terminology guideline and its accompanying teaching materials is permitted and will be helpful during this examination. They are available via the ACNS or Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology websites.

Please direct any questions about the assessment or certificates of completion to

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