Featured Case - Spring 2020

Contributed by Meghana Raghavan MD, Sara Frey MD, Zubeda Sheikh MD, Department of Neurology, West Virginia University School of Medicine

Clinical Presentation

35-year-old woman with a history of mild intellectual disability and epilepsy onset at age 7 was seen in neurology clinic for initial evaluation. She had prolonged episodes of decreased responsiveness when she would be “in a fog” lasting 1-2 days, and at other times would have multiple daily eye rolling episodes as a child. She was started on valproic acid after an EEG showed generalized epileptiform abnormalities. At age 17, she had two convulsions on attempted medication taper. She presented to us at age 35 with a pre-existing diagnosis of Jeavon’s syndrome. Family reported no spells in past several years on continued valproic acid use. An ambulatory EEG was obtained to evaluate for unrecognized seizures and assess interictal burden.

Fig 1 (Bipolar Montage)

Fig 1 (Referential Montage)

Fig 2 (Bipolar Montage)

Fig 2 (Referential Montage)

Question 1: What phenomenon do the above EEG clips depict?

  1. Photoparoxysmal response
  2. Photomyoclonic response
  3. Eye Closure Sensitivity
  4. Fixation-off Sensitivity
Answer: (click here)

Question 2: What clinical conditions are the above EEG findings associated with?

  1. Idiopathic Childhood Occipital Epilepsies
  2. Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy
  3. Asymptomatic children without epilepsy
  4. All the above
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