Membership Benefits

ACNS is a professional association dedicated to fostering excellence in clinical neurophysiology and furthering the understanding of central and peripheral nervous system function in health and disease through education, research, and the provision of a forum for discussion and interaction.

Benefits of membership in ACNS include:


Annual Courses
Full day courses in clinical electroencephalography, electromyography, intraoperative monitoring, video-EEG monitoring, and other areas are offered just prior to the start of the Annual Meeting. These courses are an excellent review of basic clinical neurophysiology for members seeking to refresh their knowledge and fellows and members preparing for Board examinations.

Fall Courses in Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring (NIOM) and ICU EEG Monitoring
These comprehensive courses provide practical clinical and up-to-date research information on these rapidly evolving areas in clinical neurophysiology. Attendees gain the knowledge and skills necessary to develop their own programs in IOM and ICU EEG.

Scientific Program of the Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting is a forum for the presentation of up-to-date information on topics of specialized and advanced nature. Activities include posters, thematic symposia, discussion groups and clinical workshops. Our Exhibit Hall features the latest technology for clinical neurophysiologic testing.

Continuing Medical Education
ACNS is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians.

Online Education

Reduced rates or free access to online educational programs, including:

  • Webinars & Online CME (coming soon!)

In-Service Examination
In 2000, ACNS began offering an In-Service examination assessing knowledge of clinical neurophysiology of the central nervous system. The exam is offered annual in February to residents, fellows and attending physicians. Reduced exam registration rates are available to examinees who are ACNS members.


The Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology is a dedicated and authoritative source of original articles, clinical reviews and commentaries on topics related to applications of neurophysiology.

Through the publication of Technical Guidelines in Electroencephalography, Neonatal EEG, Evoked Potentials, Long Term Video EEG Monitoring, Intraoperative Monitoring, and EEG Monitoring in the Intensive Care Unit, ACNS has set the standards by which clinical neurophysiology functions. These Guidelines are developed by several committees through extensive scientific research and the sharing of ideas with other organizations. The Guidelines help to define the wide spectrum of technical and professional competencies necessary for clinical applications of neurophysiology. See the full list of guidelines here.

Newsletters and Website
The ACNS E-Newsletter, News Briefs, and the ACNS website provide news of the Society, clinical neurophysiology case presentations, legislative updates and other areas of interest.

Representation and Advocacy

ACNS represents member interests through advocacy at the federal and state levels. Beginning with the revisions to the Medicare fee schedule in the early 90s, the Society has recognized the need to monitor and provide input into the regulation of practice through Medicare. The Society retains consultants and has committed other resources to this effort. Recognizing that de facto regulation of practice also takes place through the CPT process, the Society has representatives in key committees that revise and update CPT codes, and in the House of Delegates of the AMA.


Members have access to the Online ACNS Membership Directory, allowing searches for Clinical Neurophysiologists by Name and Practice Location. Members can meet and collaborate with other Clinical Neurophysiologists through our educational courses and ACNS Committees.

The ACNS Professional Development Mentorship Program is targeted at neurology residents, clinical neurophysiology fellows, and junior faculty at the instructor or assistant professor level. The goals of the Mentorship Program are to foster career development in clinical neurophysiology, encourage active participation in the many activities of ACNS, and facilitate networking.

Practical Benefits of Membership

  • Subscription to Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology;
  • Reduced fees for the ACCME-accredited Annual Meeting and Courses;
  • Reduced fees for the ACCME-accredited Fall Course in Intraoperative Monitoring and Continuous EEG Monitoring in the ICU;
  • Reduced fees for the Clinical Neurophysiology In-Service exam;
  • Reduced fees or free access to online education;
  • Reduced dues for members in training and first-year practitioners;
  • Improved clinical skills and diagnosis with EEG and related techniques;
  • Up-to-date information on billing and coding for clinical neurophysiology procedures.


Last updated: December 8, 2017