Membership FAQs

What are the benefits of ACNS Membership?
ACNS has a comprehensive package of benefits for members, including a subscription to the Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology, reduced fees for our Annual Meeting and Courses, Fall Meeting, online education programs, and In-Service Exam. Please see the Membership Benefits page for full details.

What is the ACNS Membership Year?
The ACNS Membership Year runs from June 1 through May 31.

We encourage prospective members to apply early in the year so they will be eligible for member discounts for the Fall Courses, Annual Courses and Meeting, and In-Service Exam.

Dues are not prorated. If members join later in the year, they may request back issues of the Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology back to June 1 of the Membership Year (pending availability).

Dues are non-refundable; this includes multi-year dues renewals for 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year renewals.

Who is eligible for multi-year dues renewal?
Fellows and Associate members can renew for 1, 2, or 3 years. Regular members, except for those currently receiving the Early Practice Discount, can participate in multi-year renewal. Junior members can only renew for one year.

When are dues renewal invoices sent? When are dues due?
Invoices are emailed in May, June, and August. Mail reminders are sent between emailings.

Dues payments are expected upon receipt of the first invoice. Memberships (including journal subscription) are terminated on September 30 if dues payments are in arrears.

I am a former member. Do I need to submit a full membership application?
Members whose memberships have lapsed for less than 18 months may pay dues in arrears and have their prior membership status reinstated. Members whose memberships have lapsed for more than 18 months must submit a full application.

I'm a neurology resident and want to join ACNS. How long can I remain a Junior Member?
You may remain a Junior Member as long as you are in a recognized clinical residency or fellowship training program. Junior Members upgrading to a Regular Member pay reduced dues during their early practice.

I'm a Junior Member and am interested in serving on an ACNS Committee. Can I volunteer as a Junior Member?
Yes, all member classes may serve on ACNS committees. You may volunteer by completing our Committee Interest form here.

Why can't I access some areas of the ACNS website?
Some ACNS website pages contain information which is restricted to ACNS members. These pages require you to be logged in with your ACNS Member ID and password.

Which member classes can vote in ACNS elections?
Fellows, Regular Members, and Honorary Fellows can vote in ACNS elections.

Which member classes can hold office in ACNS?
Only Fellows of ACNS (FACNS) can be elected as an Officer and/or as a Council Member-At-Large.

How do I qualify for Fellowship in ACNS?
Members qualify for Fellow member status after five (5) consecutive years of membership and attendance at three (3) Annual Meetings in the last six (6) years. Annually, the Membership Committee presents to the ACNS Council a list of Members qualifying for fellowship. Council reviews the members' qualifications and approves fellowship, upon finding that Members have met stated criteria.

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