2020 Fall Courses

For the first time in its history, ACNS will offer the 2020 Fall Courses virtually, allowing both speakers and delegates from around the world to attend the courses online, without concern for health, welfare or travel.

As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting members and the CNP community through the pandemic, ACNS will present nearly 50 hours of top-notch educational content AT NO CHARGE!

Key Dates

Advance Registration Opens July 15, 2020
Advance Registration Closes October 11, 2020
2020 Fall Courses October 15-18, 2020

2020-2021 Course Committee


Meriem Bensalem-Owen, MD, FACNS
Aatif M. Husian, MD, FACNS

Frank W. Drislane MD, FACNS
Madeleine M. Grigg-Damberger, MD
Hiba A. Haider, MD, FACNS
Giridhar Kalamangalam, MD, DPhil, FACNS
Ioannis Karakis, MD, PhD, MSC, FACNS
Lynn Liu, MD, FACNS
Jaime R. Lopez, MD, FACNS
Marc R. Nuwer, MD, FACNS
Elia M. Pestana Knight, MD, FACNS
Eva K. Ritzl, MD, FACNS
Stephan Schuele, MD, MPH, FACNS, FAAN
Saurabh Sinha, MD, FACNS
Tammy Tsuchida, MD, PhD, FACNS
Courtney J. Wusthoff, MD, FACNS

Nicholas S. Abend, MD, MSCE, FACNS
Leslie Lee, MD, FACNS

2020-2021 CME Committee

Jong Woo Lee, MD, PhD, FACNS
Courtney J. Wusthoff, MD, FACNS

Kapil Arya, MD, FACNS Fawad A. Khan, MD, FACNS
Amy Crepeau, MD Ammar Kheder, MD
Charles M. Epstein, MD, FACNS Jong Woo Lee, MD, PhD, FACNS
Evan J. Fertig, MD, FAES Juan Ochoa, MD, FACNS
Gloria M. Galloway, MD, MBA, FACNS Joel Oster, MD, FACNS
Elizabeth Gerard, MD, FACNS Jun T. Park, MD, FAES
Hiba A. Haider, MD, FACNS Karl Erwin Sanzenbacher, MD, MS, FACNS
Abeer J. Hani, MD, FACNS Sarah E. Schmitt, MD, FACNS
Monica Islam, MD, FACNS Fahd Sultan, MD
Pongkiat Kankirawatana, MD, FACNS Ron Tintner, MD

Meriem Bensalem-Owen, MD, FACNS
Dawn Eliashiv, MD, FACNS
Hiba Haider, MD, FACNS
Susan T. Herman, MD, FACNS
Aatif Husain, MD, FACNS
Cormac O'Donovan, MD, FACNS
Eva K. Ritzl, MD, MBA, FACNS



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